Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sto a jedno

I decided to teach you little Slovak:) It means hundred and one. Basically an idiom meaning different as night and day.

Yesterday I felt like "hundred" when I started my run, today more like "one".
2k w/up, 5x800 (1st 400 @ 1:33-35, 2nd @ 1:25-27) w/90sec rest, 1k c/d.
I do not like this workout, switching gear in the middle of an interval is hard! I remember I did this in October and it was hard and I totally screwed up. But I went harder back then, 1:30ish and 1:25ish but with 3.5-4min jog recovery.

My legs felt heavy and had no spring when I started warm up and I knew it might be a looong painful dying. So different from yesterday. But surprise! The workout was actually really easy.
3:00 (1:34, 1:26)
2:58 (1:32, 1:26)
2:56 (1:32, 1:24)
2:58 (1:33, 1:25)
2:59 (1:34, 1:25)
First 400 always felt like jog and I had to hold myself back a lot. When I was passing 300m I was always like oh, this is so slow, it will be like 1:40, but no I always passed 400 on time and then second 400 was nicely controlled, no problem.
So I am super excited although I kind of think that once I start doing jog recovery instead of standing/walking rest I will have my a-double-s handed to me:)

Then off to pool. Nightmare. At first I was just sitting there waiting to see whether a lane gets open. There were 2 lanes open and one had 2 swimmers and other 5 kids there.
Thankfully after 10min I was able to join one lane. But starting late meant that I had to cut my workout short and I am anxious when I have to share a lane. I am always worried that I will crash to the other person. Thus I cut my w/up by half and c/d was only 1/4 of planned distance.
My first set of intervals was little slower. But then the kids left and I was able to have the whole lane for myself for next 2 sets.

I am nicely pleased with the swim. It involved 200s in <3:05 and I thought that those would be all-out sprints. But you know what? It was actually pretty easy! Nice.
Well, ok. Overall workout was easy because I do not think that I did the sets correctly. I was supposed to swim 100 very easily at 1:45 between 200s. Hm, easy and hit 1:45 send-off? That did not make much sense to me because 1:40/100 is not very easy. So I did it on 2min send-off, which made more sense to me. And I did not use bands for some intervals as I was supposed to because I forgot them. Thus therefore I made it easier than it was probably supposed to be.
But it does not change anything about being able to swim <3:05/200 no problem!

I had a funny dream last night. I felt like 100 bucks during my running workout yesterday after I did those hills repeats prior and it made me feel very good about my training. And I had a dream that I was running IM marathon and I felt like 100 bucks. My legs felt fresh and ready to rock, just like yesterday. However, I was not able to go fast even thought I felt that great and I tried. I was just jogging. Frustrating. You see, I am having nightmares about a race that is going to happen in 13 months:)

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