Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bike, biking shoes!!!! & awesome swim

I went biking with one of our German engineers. We did only 2.5h although I was supposed to do 3 but I usually bike more that I am supposed to so I guess it is ok.
It was not very fast, just moderate effort. I liked it.

Plus I scored these for $50:

Pretty sweet, don't you think? The guy ordered them last year but they were too small and he was too lazy to return them. So they were never used. And they are good shoes.

Now I need to buy pedals and I will be FAST! (Maybe)

And then I went to the pool and had an awesome workout. Maybe my swimming mojo is indeed coming back. 16x100 @ 1:50 (2 in 1:40, 2 in 1:35 etc). And it felt pretty easy although it was a decent workout. I was able to go little faster on all of those. I am happy about it.
I like workouts like this one. I do not like workouts that are tooooo hard for me and I cannot make the intervals. Those make me too nervous and I am always freaking out before them.


  1. BIKE SHOES. Nice. What pedals are you going to get?

  2. Hm, the ones on sale...
    I'm looking into Look pedals. But nothing fancy.

  3. Great shoes! And nice swim :)

  4. Yes, those shoes are pretty sweet. Hopefully they will help me to kick some cyclist butts:)