Monday, July 11, 2011


So I tried to go to the pool today hoping that that one Monday I went there and had to stop after warm up because it was too crowded was just exceptional, but no. Today was the same. I got there, changed into swim suit, took shower, went to the deck, put my things down, picked them up, took shower and went home.

Swim team was there and only 1 lane open for swimming and there were 3 people already swimming there. It says on a schedule that swimming team is done at 8pm but reality is different.
So I can't swim on Mondays. Frustrating.

I need to think how to adjust my schedule because I must do track on Tue and Thurs and thus I want to bike on those days. Oh well, I will just do two hard swims two days in a row. Maybe it will help me at the end, who knows. Or I can do OW on Mondays. I need to think it through.

So today was a day off. Tomorrow will be bike, run, swim.


  1. You are just amazing with all your training! Love it! Honestly, I really believe that if you keep at it you are surely going to go to Kona! You've got talent and that Eastern European pain tolerance:)
    2 track workouts/week? Wow, I am impressed.

  2. Thank you AM! That's actually my secret dream/plan/goal/hope for the future. I just need to stay uninjured!
    Actually, this week I am doing 3 track workouts but it is only because long slow runs irritate my ITB and intervals do not. But my mileage us like 10-11miles/week, so nothing impressive:)