Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday workouts

I love holidays. Although I love them more during a school year when it means that I do not have to go to school that day. But I am not complaining. Holidays while working are also nice.

I went to the BBQ last night and I had a great time- lots of good food and nice people. The only problem was that I had to stay there until 2am until my ride home was ready to go home. Last time I went to the party I decided to not wait and just crashed at host's place and then it let to some interesting night events. I was not going to make the same mistake last night although I am sure that if I stayed there would be noone to wake me up at 3am with invitation to "try" master bedroom matress.

Still got over 6 hours of sleep before having to go for a bike ride with one guy from work. I went to the park and there were also some people from the club but we decided to stay just two of us. It was a good easy/moderate ride. We did around 23miles together and then he got a flat:( But it was close to his car so no problem. I went on to the beach for swimming.

I did only 5 laps instead of my usual 6. I was not wearing wetsuit and I could tell the difference. I did not have a swim cap either. Just swim suit and googles and a very small towel. Because that's all I could fit into my small under-seat bike tool bag.
I did not enjoy the swim as much as usually, proably because I was just tired and 3 days of swimming in a row have taken their toll.

Then I biked 16miles back home but it was very easy. Total of 3.5h biking.

I ate and then started watching a movie and I fell asleep on a floor by my bed. It has already happened to me once before and it just means that I am dead tired. Because if you do not have energy to climb into your bed and you stay sleeping right next to it it means that you are tired and need some serious rest.

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