Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Track (again)

It is Tuesday and it means....SPEEDWORK on a track. Tuesdays and Thursday are my favorite days because of running speedwork and because of bike intervals. And Saturdays because of long bike rides. And Sundays because of long swims. Hm, it pretty much leaves out Wednesdays, Mondays and Friday because...well, those are swim speedwork days. I am sure I would like those days as well if I did not suck at swimming. But I will get there. I am just way too impatient.

I met with one guy (he actually works for the same company as I do and just came here from Germany for a work assignment) who is training for Detroit marathon in October. Some other people said they would come but 97degree weather might have detered them. Slackers.

Plan was 800w/up, 5x800 at 5k pace with 90sec rest (stand, walk, no jog), 800m c/d. Around 3.5miles total.

1st: 2:52, felt soooo easy. Really, like a jog.
2nd: 2:54, hm, not so easy anymore, but still nice and controlled
3rd: 2:55, the guy left me in the dust, but I had a feeling he would die on the last one.
4th: 2:56, felt ok.
5th: 2:55, as predicted the guy basically died and just somehow hang in there behind me. It was hard but not like dying hard.

Ok, this was not the best executed workout. I got carried away by running with someone faster (at least for first 3 intervals).
Normally I would start at 2:56 and finish at 2:52 but because that guy was faster than me at the beginning I went with him and then I paid for it.
Although the heat has played a role as well.

It was a good workout although I am not sure how I am going to run 2.5miles w/up, then 2.5miles sub-tempo, then 5x800 at this pace with 90sec jog in the future. Sounds hard. Last fall I did such workout and 800s were in 3:00ish on average. Maybe I can pull if off. We will see.
I mean it is only my 3rd week "seriously" running and doing speedwork so we cannot expect any miracles, can we? And my mileage is like few miles/week and I am hoping to do around 10-11 this week. And than rump it up more significantly next week, probably high tens (18-19miles) and then get over 20 the week after. We will see, I need to discuss it with PPC.

I was still little worried about jogging between intervals but I think that IBT might be ready for it next week.
I have not had any unpleasant feelings or anything in it for quite some time now.

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