Thursday, June 30, 2011

This really seems to be working!

ITB has been feeling awesome since Tuesday! Yay! I hope I have not curse myself now.

Today was another speedwork day and I met with a fast former 10k runner girl who is training for her first IM in August and she is freaking fast. Although she has not done any speedwork in past 2 years, she has a very good aerobic capacity and endurance and longer intervals are thus no problem for her.
Workout was great. We did 800m w/up (it is not enough to warm me up but I am worried to run more), 400m, 1min standing recovery (I do not want to do jog rec just yet, ITB needs to some time off between intervals), 600m, 1.5min rec, 800, 2min rec, 800, 2min, 600, 1.5min, 400, 1200 c/d. We (I) wanted to do it at 6min pace but we ended up going little bit faster.

400 1:24
600 2:11
800 2:57
800 2:55
600 2:10
400 1:24

3.5miles total running, not too bad.

It was definitelly challenging because my poor legs and lungs are not used to this but not too bad. Not like I was dying. And standing breaks as opposed to jogging recovery are nice:)
I am pleased with this. I am still kind of fast and I believe that I have a good aerobic base from biking and swimming so maybe I can have a decent 5k sometimes in fall, probably Oct 16.
And I am very very happy that the ITB does not bother me at all. It is very exciting.

I did 53 min of very easy biking afterwards. I probably should have done it before the run but I was kind of busy at work because today was my last day there and I wanted to relax for few min before the workouts.
Bike was very uneventful.


  1. holy crap girl. you are still very fast. that's incredible. i would have expected you to have lost the turn-over and sharpness necessary to run that fast. good stuff. so when do you want your training plan to start?

  2. I just sent you an email 10seconds ago!

    I have also expected my turn over and sharpness to be non-existant so I am suprised. But well, I am not complaining:) Maybe 230k bike rides are not that bad for running speed after all:)

    My mileage is still very low (will be around 7.5-8miles this week) and I am worried that if I increase it it might again irritate ITB. Thus let's see what next week brings and then we can start thinking about a real training plan. But if you have any suggestions for track workouts I could do next week, let me know.