Monday, April 18, 2011

30 minutes aka half an hour

I have run for 30 continuous minutes!!! Awesome! But other than it being a painfree run it was really nothing exciting. I woke up into a snowstorm which made my bike ride to work interesting but the snow melted by mid-afternoon leaving training fields where I do my runs totally soaked with water. I hate wet and cold feet:(

Then went to the pool for a very easy swim. Just cruising around.

I also wanted to waterjog but, well I have issues and I have been under a lot of stress recenly and I just could not relax and took my mind of the not very enjoyable things and I decided that it would be better to go home and go sleep so that time passes by very quickly and more enjoyable times come around.
It is so unlike me, this is the very first time in my life that I am stressed out about something (might it be that I am growing up?:) and not satisfied how things in my life are going. I told my mother today to stop asking me questins about my thesis and job hunting because she asks in every freaking email she sends me and those are my two huge stress factors and she is not helping me asking questions that cause additional stress. I hate questions, just leave me alone! Please.

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  1. Yayyyyy 30 minutes is a good run! Congrats!