Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bike, run, run

Spin class- ouch! Wow, when I was there the first time, I could work hard, suffer and my HR went to 191. Today I suffered, and thus I assumed I worked hard and my highest HR was 181. Although I did not suffer as much as the first time.
My legs are muscularly tired and I cannot work as hard as I would like to:( Running is killing me:)

Then I went for an easy run, 2x10min with 1min walk break. No pain.

And finished the day with a pool workout. 45min with 6x3min fast. I do not like aquajogging workouts. They are weird. Boring.


  1. It's totally true that running makes your legs more muscularly tired which inhibits your power on the bike. A few weekends ago I did a long run (20 miles) the day before my long brick and that was the worst bike ride I've had all year. I don't think biking inhibits running as much as running inhibits biking...

  2. It is a good thing that triathlon is bike and run and not run and bike, isn't it? :)
    And now my poor legs are not used to running anymore so it is even worse.