Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long (way too long) run

It is official, I am the most boring person even, because if doing 80 90sec loops in pool does not bore me, than well, I must be at least as boring as doing those loops.

I decided to do my long aquarun today, that is 2 hours. That's part of my resolution about not obsessing and beating myself down about missed real runs....
I can run only in a very tiny part of a pool, and it takes me 1min30sec to do my tiny pool loop. So for 2hours, I did 80 tiny loops. In a pool. Staring at the same walls all the time. No one to talk to. No music. But I did not get bored, I would say I enjoyed it. I just enjoy running so much that I never ever get bored doing it. Of course it was not the most trilling experience ever but it was not something I would not want to do again. I am definitely doing it again next week.
The only down side was that I got cold after the first hour. Maybe I need to run faster to warm myself up:)

I also did bike intervals today (before the run). It was only two hard 3min intervals, but they were really hard. My HR went up 184 on the first one, 189 on the second one. The rest of the workout was easy riding and steady riding for a total of 1h50min.
I did it on a stationary bike:( I do not mind cold and I do not mind rain (actually I mind rain but I can deal with it) but I do mind cold and rain/snow together, and it was raining/snowing pretty heavily today. It was awful enough to walk to the Y in that weather so I was not even thinking about riding outside (actually, I was, but my wussy aka rational side won that battle).

Yesterday I went to watch a race (5k, 10k, HM, M) with some tri club people. It was great to meet new people although watching a race without being able to run is a torture. Lady that gave me a ride to the race invited me to their cottage at lake Michigan for a weekend if I stay here for summer (I might stay here 4 more months as a contractor after my internship is over at the end of May! Keep your fingers crossed!). That would be awesome if I could go there!
People at the tri club are very nice. They are not all tri people, some are only runners, some only cyclist and it is a very good mix. And they do a lot of races together and organize training camps. If I stay here, I will probably join.

Weekends go by way too fast:(