Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I do everything reversed

Grrr, swim-bike-run, that's the right order. Unfortunatelly I usually do it in a completely reversed order. I think that I got it right only once. I always swim at the end of the day and I usually start my training day with run. Nobody is perfect...I did not run today but still did bike before swim.

My legs almost fell off on a bike. I was on trainer and holding HR 165 for 12min on that thing is brutal. I took me 1min to get from 100 to 150 and then another 2min to get over 160 and then I was huffing and puffing keeping it there. I was impressed by my toughtness:) the second 12min interval felt little bit easier but still it was pretty hard.

But my legs did not have time to get even sore because after rolling and stretching I hoped back on a bike and went to the Y for a swim. I swam yesterday and I was supposed to swim tomorrow but I have something tomorrow night so I had to suck it up and do it today.
The schedule said "this swim will kick your butt" so I knew that it probably will since I won't be doing it on rested arms. But it was not too bad. I swam 3:07-08 (except 1st was 3:04, and last 3:09) for 200s with easy 300 @ 1:45 pace after every 2 200s. I do not know whether it was fast enough but that's what I had in me tonight.
My turns were horrible, totally inefficient, I was too tired to push off the wall. And I am not sure what's going on but last few swims I was not going with water, it's more like I am fighting the water, powering forward, not gliding efficiently. I have lost my smoothness somewhere! Maybe it is because my arms are tired.

Keep your fingers for me tomorrow at 2:45pm, big bosses at work are going to decide my future!

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