Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another crazy Saturday

Because of pool closure due to Easter I again had to pack everything into one day.

So I did 3hours bike ride in the morning. It was AWESOME. I was almost 20degrees today! I rode alone for around 70min and then was joined by another rider. Did some fastish intervals and I loved it.
I also got to ride a $7000+ tri bike for a short while. Now, that was even awesomer! I got into aero immediately and was just cruising around. I need to get one of those when I grow up! It is so much different than my crappy road bike.

Then I did 4 easy miles on a grass, 7:56 min pace per Garmin, cruising around (again). ITB felt great but I can feel it a bit now:( Icing, Icing, Icing.

Ad then the bad part came: swim. I have been feeling pretty bad in water lately and today I finally found my "smoothness" again. But even that did not help me to hit all the intervals. Main set was 15x100 w/ every 3rd fast. And I could not hit the pace for "easier" 100 after 10 of them. This type of workout is really hard for me: fast intervals followed by relatively fast/steady intervals. I am not strong enough for that. I had the same type of swim of Tuesday and it was the same story. I did not hit the steady intervals. And I was doing so great! :(

I also walked for 5miles to store and 5 back to buy 7 pounds of bananas. Saturdays are new "banana days" here:)


  1. Recovery week next week!

    Awesome about the TT bike. Welcome to my world. ;)

  2. Now I cannot wait till I grow up!!! :)