Friday, April 22, 2011


I am the laziest person ever (well, for today only. I am usually full of energy)

I wanted to swim and aquajog but of course the pool was closed today. Then I was thinking about going running, but no, I have a biking/running date planned for tomorrow and that would make 4 days of running in a row and that might not be such a great idea although ITB feels great. Maybe I should have biked at least. But I did not, you see, I am lazy. Although, I have cleaned the apartment. But it was not that difficult since I do not have anything in there.

So I have spent the whole day watching movies and reading.

I also had two phone screening "interviews" and am having two real interviews on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
There is also a slim chance of scoring a job at the company where I work now but I am getting fed up with them (them=HR) more and more. One week they are like, yeah, here is the offer and the next week they are like, sorry we are going to do this position as a contractor and of course I cannot get visa for that. (Yeah, I still have not found a husband so I need visa. I am sorry now that I declined SteveQ proposal last fall:)) And it is like this back and fort. I am just going to work for Bosch or Michelin and show them! Jerks!

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