Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am feeling happy

It's starting to feel like spring finally and I can run again!!!

Yesterday I did 4x9min with zero discomfort!!!
I was also supposed to do a swim workout yesterday but there was problem with pool so no swim.

Which meant that I am pretty much trashed now because I decided to fit everything in today. I left work early, shhhh, and ran 5x8 min. Again, no problem!!!! I AM BACK! I was supposed to aquajog only today but with that missed swim yesterday my already very messy and chaotic schedule got even more chaotic.

After the run I biked to the Y for a spin class. I loved it again. I forgot my HRM so have no data but I did not work as hard as last time. but that does not mean that my legs did not want to fall off, it was still hard. Those 40min of running trashed me:)

Then I sat on a bench for an hour and read a magazine. That was my rest before dragging myself to the pool. As I was walking on the deck I felt my leg muscles being sorish. It is a good thing that you are supposed to use your arms in swimming, not your legs.
Apparently I did a good job using my arms because I hit my paces no problem. Which is great.

So it was a pretty tiring day. Just the kind I love!!!


  1. GOSH! You are making me tired! :)) GLAD You are feeling good again!