Saturday, April 30, 2011

I know that it is not a proper Tri olympic distance training but who cares

I kind of got caught up in a very enjoyable ride and end up doing almost 5 hours instead of 2:30.

I did around 80miles (126.5km to be exact, I am too lazy to calculate exact mileage). I went with bunch of tri club people. And nice weather and nice people made me want not to go home!
We also went for lunch together afterwards. Sweet.

I do not really need to do 80 miles for my Olympic distance tri but since I cannot run, I figured that a longer ride might be actually good. That's my reasoning. Correct me if I am wrong.

Btw, my ITB has been feeling GREAT the whole day! I do not understand it but biking is really good on it. I have read that biking is worse for ITB that running but for me biking is great. Hm....
I have not felt it at all today. Which kind of makes me want to run tomorrow. But I won't do anything stupid, no worries.

Man, I wish I could have run today after my bike ride. It would have been almost perfect day!!!!

My quads are pretty beaten up now, so I am just chilling and watching Reba. That show cracks me up. And I have been eating nonstop since I got home from a ride...Bad, very bad.


  1. NOT bad to eat a lot after a 5 hour ride... it's actually quite critical to eat after a 5 hour ride! Where you'll notice that is in how you feel tomorrow... you would notice it especially if your plan called for riding another 5 hours tomorrow. :) Glad you had a beautiful day and enjoyed your ride! The only real problem with riding that long is if it beats you up and then you are therefore unable to complete your workouts in the upcoming days... as long as you are not too thrashed and can recover in a day or so (eating helps!) then no issue with the long ride. You get your faster efforts in during the week so you will be good to go for a shorter race. :)

  2. Oh, Michelle, if only you knew what I have been eating....Just kidding, not all of it was crap:)

    I think that I recover pretty well from harder efforts. I have not paid much attention to it but I think I do so it should not be a problem.

  3. Awesome! I have never gone 80 miles. After 40 is a mental struggle for me. I think olympic distances might be better for me, LOL.