Monday, April 25, 2011

At least some things are starting picking up

ITB feels way better than yesterday but of course it is nowhere close to how it felt just two days ago:(((

I have spent the whole day at interviews. Actually I had only two but couple hours apart and in different towns.
I got a call couple hours after my 1st interview and they invited me for the second round, which is tomorrow from 9:30am to 5pm! I am going to visit some clients with them and stuff and I have no idea what to expect. I have never interviewed for a consulting company. But it would be awesome to score this job, it sounds very very interesting.

I should know tomorrow about the other interview I had today. Hopefully they invite me for the second round as well but I did not have great feeling about that one.

And I also got a call from the company I currently work for but different location and department and they invited for an interview later this week as well.

My boss is "thrilled" about me running around at the end of month (month close)...but he is a good guy, he supports me.

So at least my job search is starting picking up a bit. If only I found something and then the US approved me for visa....But work visa don't get released until Oct 1, so I am little skeptical that any of those start-up consulting firms would want to go through the whole application process and wait till Oct for the outcome. We shall see.
Therefore I am not dumping my plan B just yet:)

I did not have time to swim today, therefore would have to shift training around a bit this week.

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