Friday, April 29, 2011


Nothing exciting going on.

It was so nice outside today that I almost went for a run. Well, I knew that that would have been very very stupid, so I did not. But it was HARD not to. Not that my ITB feels that great, it is just that I want to run.

I was very unproductive at work today. You know, the ice hockey world champs started today and I have spent most of my day checking the live results. Russia got beaten by Germany. By Germany! Ouch. Well, I should not be too harsh on them since we almost got beaten by Slovenia...But we won and even without any help from Hossa, so Chicago lost in play offs for nothing. I think that Boston loosing would be better because we could use some good defense players aka Chara. Ok, you probably do not know what I am blabling (that's not a word, is it?) about, so I will just stop.
But I just realized that I have planned my Montreal trip for the final game weekend. Oh, well, if Slovakia makes it into finals (I am little skeptical about that one, but others are very optimistic) I will find my way to watch it:)

I might have mentioned this before but I want to run! Badly.

I had a decent swim today. I hit all my intervals! It was not too hard today, just 50s and 100s. But fast.

I have my triathlon in 4 weeks. 4 weeks! And I have not run for 5-6 weeks and probably won't for next 2-3. That should make for an interesting race. Maybe I should try to switch to sprint distance...

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