Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shoot me

It has been the warmest day of this year so far (almost 20 degrees. Celsius, of course...) and I have spent it inside!

I would kill for being able to go out and run but I did not find any suitable sacrificing-worth beings so I had to go to the pool again. I did 2 hours again, but I mixed it up with 12x30sec pick-ups. It was a nice change. Plus they had music in the pool today which was great.

ITB did not feel too hot today though. It did not hurt, it just felt strange. What the hell is the deal with it?!? Sometimes it feels like if a muscle that attaches to my knee was loose. It is a weird feeling.

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    for me, tomorrow is going to be even worse...supposed to be the warmest day of spring yet...75 degrees :(