Monday, April 4, 2011

Banana peanut butter bread a la moi

Last week one colleague brought me a piece of banana peanut butter bread from Cooking Light to taste and it was very good so I decided to try to make it myself.
And today was the day, kinda.

Ingredients it called for:
plain yogurt
creamy PB
granulated sugar
brown sugar
all-purpose flour
baking soda

Ingredients I had:

Hm, but I decided that white sugar and honey will count for granulated sugar and brown sugar, yeast will substitute baking soda, whole-wheat bread flour should do as all-purpose flour, butter spread is just like butter and chunky PB is creamy PB and peanuts in 1. And scratch the other ingredients, I am sure they are totally overrated.

It turned out pretty good. Sure, I will not bring it to work for my colleague to taste it but it is good enough for me. I would eat anything that does not eat me. Oh, who am I kidding? I would eat that as well:)

Wanted to run today but ITB has felt superb for past 3 days and I do not want to disturb its healing process. So I did not run outside, I aqua jogged for 50 min in a pool. It seems that all lifeguards dread the days I am in a pool because it means that they have to stay on duty until the very end. For past few days I was always the only one in a pool for last 30-60min before pool closing and I was not even swimming, just doing my tiny 90sec loops. Before, when I was swimming only I was there only 3times/week but now I am there every day, and I stay until the last minute every day. But I should not feel bad about them, it is their job after all.

I had a superb swim today! 3 x (6 x 100 @ 2min) with each set faster and the last set I was going 1:28-1:30. So I am pleased!

I am going to RUN tomorrow!!!!! Yoo-hooo!!!!


  1. That bread sounds really good. I would definitely eat it, too. So WHY is it that you constantly have ITB??? Have you ever gotten an explanation or do you have one yourself?

    And another question: are you visiting PPC in Montreal? I just noticed the 5k in Montreal on your schedule :).

  2. do you have a link to the recipe--i need instructions on how to make it!!!

    good luck on your run!

  3. @SLG: Hm, my very unprofessional explanation is that my very wide pelvis/hips in combination with somehow high mileage and a run on a road and thus tightening of the ITB are behind my ITB problems:( But seriously, I have no clear idea.

    And yeah, that's the plan for Montreal! PPC has promised to me that we would do the race or that she would take me to the track one day and coach me first-hand:)

    @ Mad: This is the link for the recipe, if it does not work, just go to Cooking Light and search for Banana Peanut Butter bread.

  4. umm i don't want cookies, i want this bread! peanut butter is my favorite food group!!

  5. Well, I can bribe you with my "modified" banana peanut butter bread but you eat it on your own risk...
    However, I prefer not feeding you this because I feel that it might really jeopardize my reviewer chances with you:)

  6. thank you!! link works. soo making this!!!!