Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday update

Wow, I almost went two days without writting anything here! May it be that I am getting a life? No, not really.

Anyway, on Wednesday I did a swim, and it went pretty good. I did not run though:( Because I needed to get up early the next day so I did not want to stay at the Y till 10pm again.

Thursday (today) I did a bike workout on a trainer in the morning. It was hard intervals. It hurt but I loved it.
I was asked to come for a group ride in the afternoon and I decided to go. We did around 23-24 miles and it was great. I wanted to run afterwards but the lady that gave me a ride wanted to join the others for dinner so I had no choice and had to go, so no run again:( But that bike ride counts for a run, sort of.
But I am glad I went to the dinner because one of the tri guys invited me to the Red Wings game tomorrow night. I love hockey and he got tickets from one of his clients to a suit and we are going to dinner before that so I think it would be fun. He said it would be a nice experience for my first Red Wings game.

But that means that I am going to run on a short stretch of grass by my apartment in the morning and move my swim from tomorrows night to Saturday. I mean, I do not go anywhere so I think that I should take this opportunity and do something different apart from work and training and therefore small adjustments to my training schedule are ok.


  1. Adjustments to any training schedule are definitely okay!

  2. I do not like doing that though. I like my routine and stereotype when it comes to training:) I am very lame and boring person:)