Monday, June 13, 2011


I don't even feel it in my legs that I did 230k on Saturday! It probably means that I did not go hard enough:)

But my ITB has been a mess the whole day. I'm totally paranoid about it. It felt great last week, no problem on Saturday or yesterday, also this morning it felt good and then I started to play with the idea that I was going to run today and bam! It has been bothering me ever since. It does not hurt when I walk or when I biked from work and to/from pool. It hurts when I sit on my butt doing nothing. Stupid ITB! I'm sure it will feel great again tomorrow just to mess with me. Or maybe now that I said it it's going to feel awful just to be mean to me!

I went to the pool but there was some mess up and as soon as I started my workout I was told that they have changed to summer schedule and thus I have 33min before they close. WTF? So I cut my swim to fit at least something decent in.
Then I asked at the front desk about this and was told that it was a mistake and that pool will continue operate normally and that they might change to summer schedule in mid-July.
So I went to the gym and did pull ups and dips, at least something to compensate for very short swim.
I can see that my shoulders are getting bigger, which is a good sign! Now if only those added swimmer's mucsles would transfer into faster swimming times!!!

Tomorrow I'm off for Mt Vernon, IL for an interview on Wednesday, and will be back on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for me! It's an awesome opportunity, although I would be sad to leave it here now that I found some training friends.
I also got an official offer to stay until the end of the year, now I need to wait to see whether my visa gets extended. So keep your fingers crossed for that as well!

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  1. hi! sorry i misunderstood, somehow i thought i was going to send you a training program after you had built up your running again. but perhaps you already have built up at this point? can you send me a summary of your running over the past 7 days then i'll know where to start from.
    p.s. frugality (as i am sure you have already learned by now) referes to the tendancy of managing resources, usually money, with caution. it was intended as a compliment :)