Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday and week in review

Weekend is over already??? Unbelievable. It just flew by.

I went spectating a triathlon race today and let me tell you that track meets are more interesting:) But I liked it anyway. But felt depressed that I was not able to race.

Then I went to swim in a lake. I swam for around 50min. I do not know exact time because my poor watch has drowned (tears, tears. I knew it would happen but I tried anyway. Maybe it will come back to life if I dry it thoroughly) after around 15min. But I went from one buoy to another and the round-trip took me around 8min, so I did 6 round-trips plus couple minutes to get to the first buoy. It was loooong and I was getting tired. Not boring at all, just tiring. I know why I was so slow in that tri race in May. I do not use my legs at all when I wear wetsuit! And I managed to swim in somehow straight line so that's an improvement.
Then I read a book on a beach for an hour to let my wetsuit dry a bit because I had no desire to carry that thing soaked in water for an hour bike ride home. It is usually 50min, but I had to go to the beach, which is on the other side of the park, so it is little over 1 hour bike ride there.

This week was kind of big training wise! Maybe not mileage wise but training units wise.
I ran for 24minutes:( Geez. Ok, that was not big. ITB feels great one week and I feel optimistic and confident and then it starts to act up again the following week. Drives me nuts. But now it has felt pretty good for 2 weeks, so hopefully it will continue like this. But I am going to be very careful, not do anything stupid and wait till it feels close to 100% before starting anything more serious. I need to heal it! Hopefully it will be well soon and then I start training for some 5ks in fall.
I swam around 9000m! That's a lot (for me) and I did it in 4 sessions!
I biked for around 7 hours, which is not that much but again in 4 sessions and I am ready to give my butt a break since I did 3 hours yesterday and 2h20min today. But it is good because I have read somewhere that last part of IM is not about how fast you can run. It is all about how strong you are on a bike so you have some legs left for a run. And I need that because how am I going to run 3:30 marathon then? And I need that because how am I going to make up some time for my 2 hour swim then? Ok, nothing of that is going to happen (maybe a 2hour swim), I am just daydreaming.

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