Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bike Time Trial #2

Bike TT #1: 34:18, average speed 35.2kph (21.88)
Bike TT #2: 34:04, average speed 35.6kph (22.11)Course was little bit longer this time, not by much though.

You see, I am improving! It was windier today and also I did the tri only 5 days ago. So that's very good.
I started fast from the beginning, I knew half way through that I might die quick and painful death. Fortunately it did not happen. I did the first loop in around 17:04 and the second in 17:00. So at least I managed negative split.

I am pleased.

I did not run today, I will run tomorrow with some tri people. ITB felt little off this morning but it feels good now. It always feels good after a bike ride.

And I might have found some people to do track workouts with me!!! There is this girl who used to be a 5k/10k runner in college (she graduated probably 2-3years ago) and she recently did a duathlon and ran sub-20min for both 5k and she also bikes super fast. She is going to kick my ass!!!
And there is one other fast guy who wants to join us. And couple other people might join as well. So that would be great. Should be fun to have some people of the same speed to push me. I hope this work outs.

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