Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swim and pull ups

It has turned out that pool closing early might nit be that bad after all. At least some days. Other days (Monday for example) will be a nightmare.
But today was good. We had soem scattered thunderstomrs in the afternoon and I was not very keen in going there in rain but fortunatelly it did not rain when it was time to go there. When I got to the pool they were just opening because aparently it was closed during a thunderstorm. It ha already happened to me and I need to remember that now, they always close during thunderstorm so there is no point going there if it rains hard and they do not reopen unless it is 2+ till closing hour.

But I was lucky today, they reopened. So I did work-out, which was short and sweet. I loved it! My swim wokrouts are shorter now because I am at 4 swims/week. I kind of like it this way.

I was done at 8pm instead of my usual 10pm!
And it is perfect because now I can go to the gym after swim workouts. I have been a gym slacker lately. I lost some of my training motivation in March when ITB started to hurt. So this will be perfect. I can do back/arms/chest strength exercices after the swim and recover till the next swim workout.
I did not do much, only 3x12 assisted pull ups and 3x12 dips plus some exercices for hip flexors.

Now off to bed, I have been tired lately.


  1. DID you sign up for the IM next summer!!!????!!!!!!! YAY!

  2. Yes, I did. I am very bad at resisting peer pressure when it comes to things that involve pain, sweat and blood...
    I am actually starting to get very excited about it although it is 14 months away:)