Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday bike

Saturdays are long bike ride. I think that it is the case for everyone.

I met a few people at a new location where I ave never biked before. I like going to new places. It is hard to get to new places without car therefore I am always in when someone offers me a car ride although it usually means that I have to adjust my training plan a little bit.
We went to Kensington park and it is supposed to be hilly biking route. Well, unfortunatelly these Michiganiars have no idea what hilly reall means. These are not real hills, they are bunny hills! I might sounds like a self-confident a$$ but it is true. These hills are not hills.
I offered to people to come with me to Slovakia for 2 weeks in summer and I will show them what real hills are. Ok, I am sure that they can find hills in the US and don't have to fly over Atlantic for that but Slovakia would be just more convenient for me:)

I was supposed to do 2.5hours but because I, I somehow managed ot do 3h45min. The others did 3.5hours but because I I somehow managed to extend it by 15min (and those last 15min were painfull, I was hammering because I knew they were waiting for me. Ouch). We were going moderate effort and my left glueteus maximus or whatever it is did not bother me that much although I started to feel it around 2hours in. But nothing like last week.
I was also better with nutrition. I ate 1 whole gel and 1 water bottle of powerade(or gatorade, I do not even know what I am drinking)/mineral water/orange juice mix. Go me!
Seriously, I am not spending money on gels. If I am supposed to eat like 3-5 gels per ride, that's like $6/ride plus I am supposed to drink energy drinks. No way! I looked into making my own homemade gels and I might try that. I have decided to start saving money for a real bike for next year. Then, I will be a crazy lady with 3 bikes but no car:) Or I wonder whether something like a bike rental service exists. Then I would not have to buy a tri bike, I will just rent one for 2-3 weeks for a race. I need to look into it.

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