Thursday, June 23, 2011

Speedwork II

I bet you are already sick with my constant complaining about my ITB. Believe me, so am I, so am I. But there is nothing else to talk about! There is nothing new and funny to add to the hockey guy episode, I am too lazy to even bother to try to figure out my thesis problem for now and I am supposed to leave the country in 7 days and still do not have answer about my visa extension, so clearly ITB is the major issue in my life now.

I am trying a new approach. Forget about quantity and go for quality. Although 8x90sec with 1min walk cannot be really called quantity, can it? :)
Since ITB did not start to protest (I must add "too much", because it has had its moments yesterday and today) after Tuesday, I decided to try it again today.
I warmed up for 400m (I biked for 6 miles to get there from work so that's like w/up) and then did 6x300 w/ 100 walk, 800m c/d.
It seems that running 300 on grass inside the track cuts 300 by a lot, so do not get to excited that I did 55s 300s on Tuesday. I stayed on the track today and did them in 62-63sec so still not too shaby considering that it do not feel hard and I am fat and out of shape. But rest between them was long, walking 100m is long, way longer than jogging 100m.
ITB did not bother me at all and I am again icing now and hoping that it will be ok tomorrow.
I had one guy from the club who joined me. He was older dude training for a marathon and I am surprised that he hung up there with me. So it means that 62s is not anything spectacular. Although he told me afterwards that I should have warned him that I am on Slovak T&F team because he is DONE:) Nice compliment.

If it feels good I will try to stick to this approach for now, until ITB feels all good. Low mileage (like 5 miles/week. Geez, that cannot even be called mileage!) but increased intensity.
If it does not work out, I am dropping running completely and won't start again until ITB stays painfree for 3-4 weeks in a row and only then I'll resume running. I will probably ease up on biking as well, because theoretically it does not help my ITB either (although it feels like it does not do any bad, I am sure that it does not do any good either). At least 230k hilly races don't:)


  1. You know, way back when I had ITB issues, I used to get pain only when I ran slow. I thought this was weird, but then I read more and found that this is often the case in ITB. Did I ever tell you that I used to put a piece of cardboard under my heel to lift it up, and that helped with the pain?
    Good luck! You are fast even without training, I can only imagine how fast you are when you train!

  2. Thanks!
    Yes, I have read on your blog about cardboard:)I actually asked you how exactly you do it but I don't think I have received a response and then I forgot about it. Maybe I should try it, although right now I do not feel like experimenting since it seems to go ok. I need to get this issue resolved so I can start training for my IM next year!
    I know that faster running is better on ITB but it just did not sound right to start doing workouts when my mileage for past few weeks has been on average 2 (not even continuous) miles/week. But it might work.