Sunday, June 5, 2011

The best day ever

Yes, it is little exaggerated but I was really happy today and I did not even need the hockey guy for it (as you can see the story with that idiot still bugs me).

It was hot and sunny and I ran!!!! I did 6x5min with 1min walk rest and it was awesome! I was running on training fields in shorts and sport bra, I could smell dry grass and sun was beating at me. It was wonderful! ITB did not bother me at all therefore I decided to try strides as well. I did 3 strides, maybe 50meter. I am sure I was really slow but it felt awesome running fast and not have to worry about ITB. Because while doing them I completely forgot about the ITB issue and just ran.
Yes, the best day ever!
ITB felt completely different from what it had felt yesterday. I had weird feeling the whole day yesterday. Not pain or tingling but a weird dull pressure and even foam rolling relieved it for only few minutes and then it was back. But when I woke up this morning it was gone and ITB felt great. It changes every freaking day. One day I am on a cloud nine and the next day I crash hard on floor falling of the cloud nine. But I am on cloud nine today and I am being optimistic that it will continue like this.
Then I took my shoes off and did some ITB strengthening exercises right there on grass and then stayed there and read a book. Sweet!

Although I would prefer just sitting there on grass and reading it was time to go to the pool. It was not the best workout ever but at least I hit all my splits. But it felt harder than I think it should have felt:( I was struggling to keep 1:40pace whereas couple weeks ago 1:35pace was no problem.
But I think that I found what my problem was. I think that it is all in my head. Last week I somehow persuaded myself that it is hard and that I cannot hit my paces and I gave up without trying harder. Today although it felt hard I decided to work harder and try to hit the paces and I did. So maybe last week was only excuses in my head. Or was I really tired? I do not know. But I think that I just need to wake up and get a grip because my swims have been awful and pathetic for past 2-3 weeks.

And a huge shout out to Michelle, who finished 10th female overall at HIM Honu yesterday!!! That's freaking fast!!!

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