Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday swim

I do not know why but I do not like swims on Fridays.
I suspect that it might be because I have no bike or run or anything on Fridays and so I just come from work and then have 2 hours before the workout. And by the time 2 hours pass I am already in "lazy" mood and do not want to do anything. And my Friday's swims are the hardest, that's surely part of the reason why I do not enjoy them that much:)

And now Fridays are going to be nightmares because swim team is in a pool until 8pm and pool closes at 9pm so I need to go there while they are still there. I was lucky today because 2 lanes were open during their practice so I did not have to share. But I suspect that it was only today and other Fridays I will have to share a lane at the begining until the practice is over. We will see how it works out.

It was kind of strange because the pool is very narrow (5 lanes) and shallow and imagine the waves 20+ fast kids were making. It was like swimming in an ocean. And two days seem not be enough to recover from pull ups. Ouch.
But I had a good swim. It was not hard because Michelle has probably realized that my swimming has been awful in past month and that it frustrates me. Descending 4x400 and than 3x200 with buoy, paddles and bands were main sets. Clearly, I am stronger but still not strong enough for my giand paddles because I am not much faster with them than without them. I am probably at the same speed so 200s that were supposed to be "easy" were quite a workout! But I liked it.

ITB feels still good. Not 100% but reasonably good.

I was done before 9pm so I hit the gym again for few strength exercises.

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