Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another tiring day

I need to go to sleep, this crazy week is catching up with (on, at, I do not know) me.

I did a bike ride in the morning, some not so hard tempo intervals. But I have had this pain in the a$$ (literally) since the race last weekend. My left hamstring (or somewhere in that area, on the outer side) started to act up. It hurts enough to prevent me to push pedal hard with my left leg until I get caught up in the interval and forget about it. And then it hurts again when I start doing easy stuff.
Fortunately it did not hurt on my 50min cool down...

Then I went for a run, I did 1min run, 1min walk, 2 run, 1 walk, 3 run, 2 walk, 4 run, 1 walk, 2.5 run and then that hamstring started to act up but this time it was my whole left thigh on the outside. So I stopped. I do not need any more trouble at this point. But ITB felt great.
The problem is that my running form is horrible now because I am scared and I totally overcompensate with my left leg. Just horrible. I will run again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Then I swam. Lot of paddle work and I can tell that I am much stronger than I used to be. Which is great. Now if only I could use that strength to swim faster.
You remember how there was a mess up at the pool on Monday, when lifeguards thought that they are on summer hours now and front desk assured me that it was not true. Well, they are on summer hours. Which means that they close at 9pm instead of 9:45pm. And since there are classes until 8pm, I would have only 1 hour for my workouts! Usually 1 or 2 lanes are open for lap swimming during those classes but they are always crowded. But I might have to go there to start my warm up. Frustrating!

Then I just watched a movie and ate watermelon. If I could I would live on watermelon, broccoli and muffins! That would be awesome! Not mixed together though.

Tomorrow is the tri race I wanted to do but then came to my senses and decided not to. I am going to watch though and babysit some kids whose dad is racing and they want to see him race. So at least I get a ride there and do not have to ride my bike for 25miles to get there (and 25 back). And he sent me an email saying that he had packed food and drinks for me as well. So nice of him:)

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