Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just like I said yesterday

I paid:(

But let's start from the beginning.
Thursday is usually a spin class. I did not bring my HR monitor with me so I do not know how hard I worked but it was not as hard as the last time I went to spin class (May 19th). Back then I got my HR to 202 and I basically kept it around 180ish the whole time. And by the way, my HR was not that high because I was close to getting my period. I got it last weekend, so I am sure that it had zero impact on my HR 15 days before that.
But even today there were times I worked hard. I know that because I again felt like crying and had hard time breathing. But it was not all the time.
I really like that spin class but now when the weather is nice I would prefer biking outdoors. But I know that I would not be able to work that hard when riding outside. So I do not know.

Then I went to the library to return some DVDs and pick up some books. Maybe I should have sit on my butt and rest but I had to go there and it is only around 40min round trip.

And then the swim! I have been dreading this swim since I saw it on my schedule last week. It was supposed to earn me "crazy status" but I have failed. At least it means that I am not crazy:) I mean really, I was freaked out by that swim because I knew that there was no way I would be able to do it. I was hoping that something will happen that will prevent me from doing it, like me breaking my leg or "pee accident" in a pool. But no such luck:( I like swimming but because I suck at it, almost all my hard workouts are well, hard and they have felt even harder in past few weeks. I never dread bike because there is never a certain time to hit. I usually do not dread runs because I know I can do it. But swims are a different story. They stress me out. Not all of them, I usually have a nice combination in a week and it is usually only one out of three swims that freaks me out. Not because it is going to be hard and I will suffer, it freaks me out because I know I will not be able to make it. Rarely, very very rarely I surprise myself and somehow manage do hit my splits or be very close but I usually don't. Maybe part of not hitting my splits is psychological because I prepare myself for failure but I think that the major part is just plain not being at that point yet. But well, that's how I am going to improve, right? Keep challenging myself and try to go faster and faster.

Of course, today I did not hit my splits. Actually, I hit them for slower stuff and it felt pretty easy and I am pleasantly surprised that it felt easy. But on fast stuff I was off. I was ok for the first interval but then on the rest of fast is not even worth mentioning.
And I am not even disappointed by the fact that I did not hit my splits. I am just thrilled that that workout is over and I do not have to worry about it any more. I guess that I should not check my schedule for next week then because I am sure there will be another workout that will freak me out for the days to come:)

I am sure that yesterday's long swim and spin class beforehand were part of the reason why I did not hit my paces for fast 100s but I do not think that they played a major part because I actually felt very good in water. Not tired and pretty efficient.

I am off to Torch Lake tomorrow for my century ride. It is called a race but it is not a real race with prices and stuff. It is chip timed but it is more for bragging rights. I know that the first female last year went 6:20.56 (15.7 miles/hour) and first male 5:48.20 (17.1mph). Highest placed female from our club went 6:48ish and I know I am faster than she is so I should be able to go faster. And of course I feel competitive and want to go sub-6:20 but since I have never done 100 miles and I have no idea what to expect from the hills (it is called Michigan Mountain Mayhem) and I am little worried that my poor bike might die half way through, I really should not set any goals I think. Ah, what the hell! I am going for 16+mph average. I will bring my HRM to try to gauge my effort.


  1. You psyche yourself out too much.

    And um, I distinctly remember *someone* practically begging for the BatShitCrazy set. *begging*... Look for it again in the coming weeks.

  2. Yeah I know, next time I need to be more careful about what I ask for:)