Monday, June 6, 2011

Very random and swim troubles

This has gone little too far I think. I am having triathlon nightmares. WTH? I am not even that obsessed with that thing (yet). Maybe I would be if I were like a next triathlon hot shot or something like that but at this point...And I do not even have race or anything in next few days.

Anyway, I had a nightmare last night. I was at a tri race and I was about to start a bike when I realized that I do not have my number on me. I forgot my race belt! But I found safety pins somewhere (that's the beauty of dreams, things magically appear) and pinned the bib to my trisuit. I assumed that I was experienced triathlete now since I have already raced ONE triathlon and therefore I thought that I did not need to double check whether I have everything I need. I woke up horrified because of my stupid mistake and made a mental note to myself that I cannot forget my race belt next time I tri. I know that something else went wrong in my dream as well, but I do not remember what it was.
Such a dork.

ITB feels great. I overanalyze my every move of course and that makes things worse for me because every tingle freaks me out. I need to stop that!!!!
I want to go to the track, badly badly badly. Or to my favorite trail. I ran there last Friday and it was awesome, everything is green and pretty. If it was rainy or cold out maybe it would be easier not to run and sit on my butt but it is hot and sunny so it is hard not to go out.

By the way, weather is crazy. We have over 30 degrees temperatures now whereas only 2 weeks ago I was biking outside wearing gloves and freezing my butt off in cold rain.

I did a swim workout tonight and it almost killed my arms. I was able to hit my paces for longer stuff (200s) but not for fast stuff (100s) but I was not off by too much. I suck at swimming! And it is hard. I am always stressed out about my swim workouts already couple days before the workout because I know that it will be hard and that I will have hard time to hit my splits. It is not pleasant. Although sometimes I think that swim will be easy and then it turns out to be hard. Like today for example. Although I think that couple weeks ago it would be easy but not this time around. My shoulder muscles were hurting badly and even the cool down hurt. But the good thing is that I worked hard and suffered, just like it is supposed to be.
And this was the third day of swimming in a row (easy lake swim on Saturday, steady pace workout yesterday and this speed stuff today) so maybe that's also the reason why it was harder than I thought it would be.
I do not understand how people can swim 1:30/100METERS for 2+ miles if I have hard time to keep that pace for 200YARDS! It is frustrating and somehow pathetic on my side, don't you think? I am such an impatient athlete, I want to be fast NOW!:) Although looking at my times I have some doubts that I will ever be that fast:( But only sometimes. I believe that with hard training and time I will get somewhere there. The only problem is that I do not want to wait years and years for that.


  1. :) The swimming comes just does take a ton of time - hang in there! Glad the ITBAND is better!

  2. Ton of time?!? Now, that's encouraging:)