Tuesday, June 21, 2011


By now we all know that these days I am very "unstable" regarding my running training approach. I had sent an email to PPC complaining about how frustrating this whole ITB thing is and that I should probably stop biking as well and just sit on my butt because it seems to be the only thing helping. And then only 3 hours later I was doing a bike ride followed by some running intervals on a track. You see, it is driving me nuts!

I did 90min of steady decent clip riding and then I went to the track to do few easy minutes on training fields. But there I met a friend from a tri club and since she came because she thought that I will be doing speedwork I decided not to disappoint her. I also figured that if I do some speedwork it will be shorter than if I ran easily and faster running feels better on an ITB anyway. Plus ITB was warmed up from biking.
So I ran easily for 800m or maybe 1200m, I forgot) and then we did 5x300m with 100m walk. It was pretty hard breathing-wise (soo humid) and my lags are not used to moving fast anymore but I think that I went faster than I though I would be able to go. I ran the turns on grass inside the track, so it was not really full 300m, but I did them in around 55sec, which is pretty decent I think. And I felt ZERO pain!!! I cooled down for 400m and biked home and now I am sitting on a floor and icing and still ZERO pain. Sweet! I need to find some wood to knock on.
It was only around 13min of running but I think that it was better than let's say 20min of very easy running that would not even get my HR up.
I am glad I did it!

By the way, yesterday was my off day and I did not eat any junk food!

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