Monday, June 27, 2011

I officially hate Mondays

Last week when the Y changed its pools hours I said that Mondays will be nightmares. I was wrong. Mondays at the pool are WORSE!

There is a swim team until 8pm, but the problem is that today they were still there at 8:45pm. I got there at 7:45pm hoping that a lane will be open but no, everything crowded. At around 8pm small kids' practice was over so I could use the lane but I was not alone who wanted to use it.
And I am just not used to sharing lanes and I was frustrated and totally off my paces. So I called it quits and am going to adjust my schedule completely so I do not have to swim in pool on Mondays. Friday is theoretically the same thing but I was lucky last Friday and there were two lanes open during their swim practice thus I could do my workout.

There is no point for me to go there if there are people in my lane and everywhere around because I would be miserable and my workout will be less than perfect and I will not get anything from it.

I have a dilemma. My visa extension was approved and I was offered to stay in one house that is waiting to be sold for $400/month including utilities. I can stay until it sells. My apartment rent would be $599 + utilities that are around $50. So I can save $250/month. Which is a lot! But then I will be almost 7 miles from the Y and 16 miles from the park where I bike with people.
$250 is a lot but then my swimming training might be close to non-existant when it starts snowing because I doubt side walks will be cleared for bike and I cannot walk 7 miles to pool and back.
But ok, swimming is not worth $250/month. And who knows where I will be when it starts snowing, I might be already gone somewhere else.
Also, it is only 3 miles from work but there is no sidewalk and I would have to use pretty busy road and I might get killed. Especially in

I do not know what to do!

Although I think that I am just hesistant because I am already used to my current place and am too lazy to try something new.
But it would be neat to have the whole house for myself for $400.

And maybe I can buy a very old car. Like something for $1000. Well, if I had $1000.... It would erase the savings from the rent but make my life 60% easier.

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