Friday, June 17, 2011

I must have been totally drunk

Otherwise, there is no way I would have done this

I am soooo weak when it comes to doing crazy things. I am always in and today was no exception. They cracked me. Clearly I have my priorities mixed up. I rather spend my money on races than on a real nice soft huge bed.


  1. I love you. Training for that next sumer is going to be awesome!!

    BTW, next week when I am freezing my ass off I'm totally going to be channeling you and thinking about how you walked miles back and forth in the snow to swim all winter... I AM MONIKA. I AM A BAD ASS AND I THROVE IN COLD ADVERSE CONDITIONS.

  2. I just hope I will enjoy IM training as much as I enjoy my Oly dist training!

    I am glad to be an inspiration to someone for once. Usually people are like, she is crazy, do not even bother to try to understand her.

  3. WTF???
    So... very....exciting!
    Does this mean that you know you will be in North America next year or are you coming back no matter what??
    So... you will be needing a marathon training plan I take it?
    And a place to stay in Montreal maybe two night before and the night after? FYI Mont Tremblant is 130 km from Casa Chaos (i.e. where you stayed on your last trip to Quebec)

  4. Yeah, WTF.
    Well, I cracked under peer pressure. Like 15 people from the club signed up yesterday, so I figure if I ever do IM I want to do it with some friends around, not all alone like all my other races.
    I have no idea where I will next year but everyone keeps telling me that because you have to sign up for IM 1 year in advance therefore you cannot really plan it. Just sign up and then hope that in 1 year you can still do it.
    And if I am not in NA, I will make a trip no matter what, I have some Delta miles for flight ticket. I should do crazy things while I have no obligations, right?
    So I did it. I should have used that money to buy a car or something more useful but what the heck.

    Not sure about that marathon plan though. Let's keep my mileage low, do a 5k or 2 in fall and then we will see from there. I will probably end up doing max 30mile/week and then stop running one month prior just to make sure nothing happens to my ITB:) We shall see. When the worst come to worst, I will just walk 42k. People do it all the time in IM:)
    So is that an offer to stay at Case Chaos? :) You should definitely plan on coming to watch (although well, it is 14months from now)!!!

    Or, don't you know anyone who has a property near Mont Tremblant and is willing to rent it to few very responsible and serious athletes for a training weekend or something like that in fall or spring?