Friday, June 18, 2010


Today's plan: w/u 2.5miles, 3x1.6k @ 6:50-7:05 w/ 60 seconds complete recovery btw, c/d 2.5mil. Start @ 7:05 and then pick it up. 8 miles total.

This was the hottest day of the year (at least for me). I went out at around 7pm and it was sooo hot. I even took water with me (I do not usually take it because I am too lazy to carry a bottle with me).
I got to the track and it was closed! I hope it was closed only because it was Friday afternoon, not closed for good because I am really excited that I found this track to do workouts at.

I did not have anything measured, so was not sure what to do. Do my easy run and then this workout tomorrow with Garmin? But I have already moved this workout from yesterday to today and I have long run on Sunday...
There were soccer and football fields that were open, so I decided to go there and just run 3x7min.

I do not know how fast I ran but I know it was definitely way too fast. Because 7min pace is supposed to feel easy (at least for the first one, right?) and it was not easy at all! I know that running on grass and heat made running harder but still I know I ran too fast. And of course I died on the last one.
I started the first one and it felt ok for first 2-3 min but then it got hard. Of course the second one was hard the whole 7 min. And the third one. Well, I did not run much much slower, but definitely slower (I was even at the point when I wanted to just stop and call it a day). Maybe this one was at the pace I was originally supposed to run (but that's only my feeling).

I dragged myself home and went to do weights for half an hours or so. And then pool. It felt so good.

I feel satisfied with this workout. Although it did not worked out as planned, I put in a good effort and that's good. I felt hard and I have not done a hard workout for several weeks.
And I think that I am getting used to humidity (or maybe it was not as humid this week and past week).

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  1. You are fast! Your first marathon was a 3:27?! Wow! That is impressive! Have a great weekend. And thanks for stopping by my blog!