Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swim logistics question

Swim in the morning and 10 miles in the evening. Not too bad.

Can anyone tell me how people do their swim workouts in regular pool? There were 5 people in my lane at one point!!! Thankfully I did not do any hard intervals, only looooong swims. How do people do intervals in public pools? Is that even possible?
Any advice?

I did a lot of pulling so my arms were tired. But I do not have paddles:( I was too naive I thought I could get paddles here but I visited all sporting goods stores here and couple in our capital and nothing. Nobody knew what I was talking about. They have only goggles and swim caps. Horrible.

Good news is that 10miles went very well. I am little worried about that my ITB would say tomorrow because it was mostly on a road and in my trail shoes. I left my good running shoes at my grandparents because I was supposed to be there by now, but no, I am still stuck here. The only pros of being here is the track. If I were at my grandparents I would be running loops in a park.

My arms hurt from swimming and my legs hurt from running:( My coach was right, those big gear intervals and squats/lunges etc have killed me.


  1. Look at you, 2 a days, you are becoming a triathlete. I don't own paddles, I should, my arms are like 2 sticks, heck, my upper body is like a toothpick!

  2. AM, yeah I am becoming a real triathlete:) I used paddles why I was in Cali and I nicely "felt" the water. Therefore I believe that it is a good thing.

  3. Do people know how to circle swim? That's what we typically do when the pool is crowded... swim in the lane like you would drive a car... everybody goes up on the right side of the black line and back on the other side... still a pain in the ass when people are not the same/similar speeds b/c a lot of passing is involved, but if swimmers are at all aware of the others in their lane then it can work.

    And good to know about you not having paddles. I'll stop putting that on your schedule until you get back to the US, :)

  4. And this week will be a much easier one for you with your 3K coming up this weekend... no big gear intervals this week. You're welcome. :)