Monday, January 10, 2011

Bike ride

I did a long aerobic bike ride. Well, not too long but it feels very long on a stationary bike. 90min. Surprisingly my butt did not hurt, it is probably adjusting to the seat. But my legs felt little sore afterwards. Wow. I wonder why because it was not hard.

I might have been too fast judging my ITB on Saturday. I ran half of my long run on a road, and then did a diet fartlek on a road again yesterday. And I can feel ITB today. Just occasional tweaks but still.
NO road run tomorrow. I will be a good little runner and walk to the track and then run there.

It has been really warm here past three days and almost all snow is gone by now. Which is a good thing because I will be able to run in the first lane on the track and will see how fast (or slow) I am!
But it is supposed to get cold again next week so I should enjoy "warmth" now.

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