Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I normally do my "main" running workout as the first workout of a day and only then I do other workout- swim or bike.
I had to revise it today since the pool is supposed to be emptier 9-11am and I cannot do running workout before that because it is cold, dark etc in the early morning.
So I did swim first and I had the lane (one of two lanes separated for swimmers, rest is for bathing, not for swimming) all for myself for most of the workout. Awesome. But this pool sucks. It does not have markings on the bottom so you do not know when you are getting close to the wall. It is dangerous. And no pacing clock. But I somehow managed. It was my longest swim ever, 2100m. Woo-hoo!!!
I do not have hand paddles:( But I have pull buoy and I used a piece of string tied around my ankles as swim bands. Very professional, I know.

Then four hours rest and on to run workout. On the track. 3 X 5 X 300 m @ around 64-68. Take 100 m very slow jog between intervals and 500 m between sets. I did this workout in October and my average was around 61s.
I went to this workout very very negative and was prepared to suck. So I totally under-committed.
But I was super happy about being on the track that was free of snow. And also temperature was not too cold. Not LA, but better than last week.
I started the first one and as I was running I was praying that it would be under 68s because it felt pretty easy. 62s. Hm, pretty good.
I continued nicely controlled and average was 63s. But it felt easier than in October. Maybe I should have run faster. And it went by unbelievably fast. Totally different from October workout.

Because I was prepared to run over 65s average, I am happy about the workout because I am in better shape than I thought I was. But I gave myself a lousy goal so it was not that great. So I do not know.

But my hamstrings started to be tight during the workout and then afterwards they felt trashed. Ouch. I have a bike/run brick tomorrow, should be fun:)

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