Monday, January 17, 2011

They caught me at last

I got kicked out of the track today. I did not have 1Euro (fee for track usage) so I was asked to leave. Who said that running is cheap?
I am used to the idea of paying for using pool or gym but not for track. Seems we are hard capitalists here now. (Government even asks students over 26 to pay 46Eur/month for health insurance since 1/1! Where are Slovak students supposed to take 46Euros a month??? Where am I supposed to get 46Euros a month?)

Anyway, I did an easy aerobic bike ride and then an easy 5miler as a brick session. Run was little less quality run because I had to stop, run home to leave my backpack there and then continue in my run.

Tomorrow I will bring 1Euro. 400m track intervals are worth it. (I am paying to suffer?!?)

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