Monday, January 3, 2011

Moving troubles continue

It's official. I should stay home and sit on my but.
I did not want to take my suitcase with me from LA because I am still hoping to go to Michigan in February so I sent the suitcase there by USPS.
But it would not be me if something did not go wrong.

My roommate from LA sent me an email saying there was West LA police looking for me in her apartment. (I wish I could see her face when they introduced themselves and asked for me:)). They told her that my suitcase was found and is at the police station somewhere in Michigan and that their colleagues from MI called LA police to track me down and let me know that they have it.
What? My suitcase was lost? Where, when, how? My poor suitcase.

I called MI police today and they have no record about my suitcase and they are working on it:(((

I should call USPS and politely ask them whether they know where my suitcase is and see what they tell me. They probably don't even know it is lost.

I wanted to go running this evening but I did not because I called the police and they told me they will call me back in an hour or so with the information. It has been 2 hours and they still have not called and they are not picking up the phone. So no run today:((( AGAIN!!!!! And I spent the whole morning looking onto a detailed map of this city trying to find a running track. I found two and I even visited both of them this morning to see whether I can run there. I can, theoretically, but not practically:(

At least I got a bike workout in this morning. Some big gear intervals. It was hard. My poor legs. And my poor butt. That bike seat was sooooo uncomfortable! Warm up and the intervals were ok, but then I did 40min steady and that was pain in the ass, literally.

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