Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 and 2011

2010 was a good year. But honestly, all my years are good because what kind of problems can a student have, right? Except for moving from one country to another and then a little bit further, getting visa in three different US embassies in three different countries, filing income taxes in three different countries, being from the eastern Europe and paying rent in Paris and Los Angeles. But other than all this everything is sans problemes.

As I said 2010 was a good year. I did not fail my first year of Master's program and also the first semester of the second year, I did an internship in Michigan, got into exchange program at UCLA and had a blast there. I scored two coaches. I got back on "running track" and ran a huge 10k PR and one very good 5k race and few other solid races. I started triathlon training and am on a road to fulfill my triathlon dream. I have managed to run IT band relatively problems-free since August!
Yeah, a very good year.

I hope 2011 will be alike!
I have few huge plans!

- finish school in June, this is my last semester!!!
- become a mature adult and find a job (either US, Canada or Australia)
Ok, these two are not my real plans (dreams), those are necessities.

- get very close to 18min in 5k. I do not know what the realistic goal is, maybe 18:30 is more realistic, maybe 17:55. No, idea, I shall see.
- run sub 39min for 10k
- do at least 3 triathlons (preferably one sprint and 2 Olympic distance triathlons). No time goals there yet, those will come along the way. I need to buy a bike first and then try a triathlon and I need to become a better aka more efficient swimmer and cyclist. Let's see whether I can swim sub-1:20 for 100 and keep 1:30s for 400-500m.
- see whether I can run a half-marathon in fall, which means that I need to take care of my IT band

Unfortunately I can't plan any races because I do not know where I will be in two weeks so no idea where I will be in 6 months :(
If I am in Europe in summer I would love to do 10k road French collegiate championship at the beginning of June, then 5000m at Slovak T&F Championship in July and 10k Slovak Champs on road in August (or late July). And Olympic distance tri in Slovakia Cunovo in August.

Otherwise I will just do road races and random tris wherever I will end up working/living.

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