Monday, January 24, 2011

Building base

So far my training was pretty much done from one race to another with no real goals for the future in mind. Starting today I am going to build up my base for couple months and then I will choose races and do specific training that will help me to attain my goals!

Base bulding started with an easy 5.5 miler :)

I also did big gear intervals in the morning, of course, and those are hard, ouch my legs. I was supposed to do swim but pool is closed on Monday:(

No snow yet, we had -11degrees C so cold enough but sunny.

By the way, I found a place to live in MI. Nobody wanted to take me for only 4months so I must rent a whole apartment and get my own utilities and internet set up. I'm not sure yet whether I will get cable, probably not. And I might sleep on an airbed because how am I going to take matress there?!? Plus Im not buying a car. Work is only 3 miles from this place so I can use bike or walk. However, grocery store is over 4 miles so we shall see how that goes. It will be nothing like my stay in MI in summer:(


  1. That's awesome you found a place to live. What a relief!

    I'm thinking you're going to need 2 bikes... one old commuter one that you don't care about (for winter riding and with a basket for grocery shopping) and one to use for racing... I do believe that you are the type of person who would be supremely frustrated if you were racing on an old heavy beast that was holding you back and slowing you down. Mama thinks you need a speed machine. ;)

  2. I would love a speed machine!!! but until I start working and making money and until I settle down in one country a Walmart bike will have to do:( Maybe I will get two Walmart bikes, one mountain one for riding in snow.