Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mixed feelings

This week sucks, it is my last week at home and everyone thinks that I should spend time with them and not doing such unimportant things as training. I will probably not finish half of my planned workouts.

Take for example today. I was trying to do all three trainings- bike, swim, run- today because I will not have enough time for the rest of the week.

I did bike in the morning, hard intervals. And they were hard!

Then I went to see the dentist. Then I ate lunch and wanted to go swimming and then I had rendez-vous with my former coach to go running.

However, my grandmom told me that someone must shovel their yard (it has been snowing the whole night and day). And what was I supposed to do? Let my 79 year old grandfather to do it? (Actually he did half of it because I did not know about it.) By the time I was done with the snow, I did not have time to go swimming before running. Grrr.
So I ran for 60minues, alone because the coach got sick and all other athletes were supposed to do downhill intervals but road was not ploughed so they stayed in the gym. Pussies. I remember when I was a kid we used to do intervals in any weather, snow or no snow. It sucked but we felt hard core.

I decided not to do that skiing race. I really want to but EVERYONE is saying not to do it, because it is on Saturday morning/afternoon and I am flying on Sunday early morning from Budapest, Hungary.
Plus it would be a pure torture. But I do not mind that. I have been dreaming about doing it for years!!!!!!!
Therefore I do not like living with my parents and grandparents. When I am alone I do stupid things and they do not know about it. When I am with them, I cannot do stupid things because then I have to listen to their speeches about how I am going to break a leg or two and then I will not be able to take the flight the next day. I am mean, it makes sense, but am I supposed to sit in an empty room so nothing happens to me?

I am looking forward to being in Michigan where I will be able to do whatever I want to without any commentaries. However, I am little worried as well.
I will have to start working on my Master thesis and I have no idea how.
And how the heck I am going to swim and run? How do working people do it in winter? There will be snow everywhere, I will get home after 6pm and it will be dark and how am I going to do intervals when there will be snow on track (and track is 4+miles from me anyway, and there is no light there) ? And how am I going to swim because I am sure that pool will be crowded in the evenings.
And how am I going to go grocery shopping and go somewhere (like work for example) in general? Is Michigan winter really that bad as they say?
And I have to spend 60bucks on the first night in a hotel, because I cannot move into my apartment because I arrive too late.
And I will not have TV. And will be sleeping on an airbed.

Sorry, I need to get a grip!

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  1. You'll find a way.
    You don't need TV, just your computer and a $7 Hulu subscription.
    You can swim in the mornings.
    You can get a bike trainer and watch Hulu TV while you train either early in the am or in the evenings.
    You can run during lunchtime. You don't need a track, you can measure a piece of road that gets plowed a lot, and run intervals there.
    And you'll figure out your thesis. My advice, do something easy. I did something v complicated for mine, and I had to work a ton for it, more than it was worth it.