Friday, January 14, 2011

I need 3 more weeks

Not to get more fit (although that would not be too bad neither) but to get my confidence back.
You all know that I am one very negative mental wimp. I do not have racing confidence and my race is little over one week apart. I am dreading it.

Today before my workout I felt very nervous and had butterflies in the stomach:( Can you imagine how it will be before the race? I don't want to think about it.

Today's plan was 4x800 @ 2:50-2:58 w/ 400m jog/walk rest. I started conservatively at 2:57. Then 2:56. The third one was 2:53 and the last one 2:51 and it was not even that hard. I thought it would be much worse. So it is true that one does not loose all fitness in just one week of doing nothing but it still does not want to fully penetrate through my thick scull.

I feel good about the workout but I would need few more good workouts to become confident:(
I have one week to work on it.

Today is not ideal training-wise. I went to the embassy yesterday and got approved for the visa. Woo-hoo!!! But it is in different town so I had to get up very early and when I got home in the afternoon I passed out for 3 hours and then it was too late to run/bike/swim. So yesterday was my day off.
However I need to go the embassy today as well, but in the afternoon. So I had to get both run and bike workout in before I leave.

Therefore immediately after 800s I went to the gym for some big gear and high cadence intervals with bunch of lunges/squats/jumps thrown between intervals. Fun times. I managed to hold a wall sit for 60sec no problem at the end. Maybe I am not a lost case after all (or maybe I did not work hard enough on those big gear intervals):)
I know it was not ideal but I had no choice, had to do it back to back.

I need to wear my compression socks now because my calves are not happy and knee socks seem to help with it. I do not know why they get so tight. It is annoying and painful.

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