Friday, January 28, 2011

Good good day

I woke up at 5am because there were some knocking voices throughout the whole building. At least I finished reading a book, now I finally know who was the murderer. But I fell asleep again and slept until 9ish. Nice.

I went to the pool in the morning. Surprisingly there were only few people there. However, both swimming lanes were taken so I started doing my pull/bands/paddles thing in a common space. One nice older guy in a swimming lane saw me and offered to switch with me. Well isn´t that sweet?
Swim was great although my coach might want to kill me because she told me to do intervals with paddles and bands and NO pull buoy. Oh my.
Funny thing was when one other older Czech guy (he spoke Czech, so I suppose he was Czech) asked me where I bought my paddles. He told me that he used to swim and now he does scuba diving and he never saw paddles in stores, but he made himself paddles at home couple years ago. I told him that I had to go to 15+ stores to find them but I explained to him where I had got them. He looked pretty excited about it.

In the afternoon I went for a run. It was great. I found a road that was not busy and somehow plought, there was still snow but not above my ankles:) It was just another run but I was very happy to be there.
When I was leaving my mom saw me putting on sneakers and she was like, you are going to wear sneakers in snow and cold? Hm. What was I supposed to wear? I asked whether I should wear boots and what she thinks I have been wearing for past 10 years when I was running. My mom looked at me and asked me to tell her one good reason why I go running. I said that because running was freaking awesome and off I went :)

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