Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's talk about race goals

3000m indoor race is on Saturday so it is time to set some goals. Writing this post will help me to think it through and then hopefully it will penetrate somewhere into my brain and help me prepare mentally.

Based on my past training (or non-training. I do not know why but I have a feeling that I have been slacking past month and a half. Hell, I have a feeling that I have been slacking since my 5k race in October. But I have not!) and recent workout times I should be in 10:40-11:10 range. That's a pretty broad range.

I made myself this small table
400 1:24 1:23 1:26 1:27 1:25
3000 10:30 10:22 10:45 10:52 10:37
1000 3:30 3:27 3:35 3:37 3:32
1500 5:15 5:11 5:22 5:26 5:18
800 2:48 2:46 2:52 2:54 2:50

I was supposed to run 8x400m today @ 1500-3000 pace. I ran 83, 84, 84, 83, 84, 83, 83, 81. So that's definitely closer to 1500m pace than to 3000m pace. It felt hard at first but when I warmed up enough it was pretty easy, but there was 2min jog/walk rest between.
Last week I did 4x800 @ 2:57, 2:56, 2:53, 2:51 and it felt pretty easy, but there was 400m job between therefore I do not think that I can run 4x 2:51-2:53 800m continuously.

Therefore I think that I might run 10:50ish if I have a good day.
I might run sub 10:50 if I have a very good day.
10:55ish seems the most realistic in my current state of body and mind.

Therefore my plan will be first 1k @ 3:37 and than try to pick it up. 2k @ 3:35, 3k @ 3:38 max. That would give me 10:50. I will try to blast the last 400m so hopefully the last k will be faster.

I need to warm up a lot otherwise it will take me half a race to warm up enough to run decent time. Warm up is a key in these short distances. (I can't believe I just wrote that. 3000m is not short, but it is shorter than 5k or 10k, so let's call it short)

My dream 5+ years younger runner husband has different excuses not to race on Saturday (like sickness, school finals and a different race on Sunday, blahblah) but he said he might come to cheer on and he expects me to run sub-10:40. I do not know how he calculated that since he has not seen me running in past 5-6 years but I think that he thinks that if he as a sprinter (nobody is perfect I guess) can run 10:40 so can I. Oh my, such a pressure on myself!:)

I am feeling tired. I was pretty tired yesterday on a bike already. Today I did swim workout in the morning (only 2 people in a lane, woo-hoo) and I did not feel very energetic. I started to fall asleep by noon but I had to go running before dark. I felt pretty tired for the first 5-6 400s, then I somehow woke up and forgot about my tiredness. I promised my mom that I will go to theater with her so we are going there now. I hope it is good, otherwise I will fall asleep right there.
I need to eat better and maybe sleep more.

And my left calf is killing me. I need a massage or something to loosen it up. I tried to roll it but I still feel it when I run slowly. So it means that I should run only fast:)


  1. Ooh be careful with that calf. I've had calf issues and they can knock you out. Just sayin'...

    And love the debate about 3K being long or short. I got your email and thought, OK, I guess I could see how you would think that.... though I think 5K is short so it's all relative I guess. :)

    Rest up this week and eat your veggies. :)

  2. I always eat a lot of veggies:)

    I have had these calves issues for over a year. They get really very tight sometimes. I will try to wear knee high socks, maybe it is a warmth issue.

    Couple years ago 10k run was veeeery long for me. It was my weekly long run. Now 6miles is like nothing, not even worth getting out of the bed. So I am getting better at this:) It just need time.