Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parsley tea and RUN, FINALLY

Have you ever tried parsley tea? It is pretty disgusting. So now you know and you don't need to try it, I did it for you.
It was not intentional of course. I was completely frozen after my run so I made myself tea. I have no idea where things are in this apartment (that must mean something since my parents have been living here for past 4+ year and I still can't anything here, I have spend here max 10 days in past 4 years) but I found some jars with herbs that my mom collected and dried over summer and I dumped it into boiling water. Then I tried to drink it and yack. I smelled those herbs and realized that it is not nettle as I thought but it is parsley.
But I am going to drink it. I have a huge tea-pot of it and since I have already used water and energy and lemon and sugar, I don't want to waste it. I am sure I will not die so whatever, it is to warm me up not to taste good.

Now let's talk about running. Being the extremist as I am I decided to jump in with 800s workout. I loved it and felt great running although of course it did not go as planned. I went to the main track in this town because it was ploughed (plought, no idea)- first 2 lanes and last two lanes. But first two lanes were probably meant for speed ice-skating because that's how it looked like.
I was supposed to do 4x breakdown 800, first 400 @ 5k pace and the second at sub-300. Because I was running in the last lane I have no idea what my splits were supposed to be. But that's probably a good thing because if I had known how slow I was running I would have freaked out. Now I know that it was slow but thankfully I do not know how slow.
It was pretty horrible. I was freezing. Warm up was ok, but then my limbs started to freeze. I was so cold that I ran the first one in my warm jacket but I could not move properly in that so had to take it off for next intervals. It is strange because in the 3rd 800 I actually started to feel warmed up but at the same time I wanted to cry because my hands were sooo cold. Of course I had gloves but it did not help. Also toes were cold but it was not that bad.
The only good thing about this workout (except the fact that I was running) is that it started to snow during my cool down and not during the intervals and that a guard did not catch me and I did not have to pay 1Euro fee for using the track.
Once I manage to open the door to our apartment (and I seriously considered knocking on the door of our neighbor and ask him/her, I do not even know who lives there, to open the door for me because my hands were so frozen.) I spend half an hour sitting by the heater and defrosting myself.
It is not perfect yet but after I am done with my warm parsley tea I should be able to move my fingers and function properly and I can go to the pool for swim workout. I am not looking forward to that, not at all.

Maybe they will kick me out because I am sure whether they will allow me using paddles and pull-buoy there and I will be able to go home and spend the afternoon by the heater (and calling the police departments in Michigan and try to find my supposedly lost suitcase).


  1. Wow, good for you getting to the track...I have been doing my speedwork on the treadmill because we just got a blizzard here in NJ...

  2. I'm reading this about being all frozen and trying to relate... but I just cannot. Brrr. Stay warm!

  3. I've had parsley tea, it is supposed to be healthy, but a diuretic, and not tasty, for sure. Speedwork in the cold is rough, but it beats the treadmill. I get out no matter what. However, I know that Boston is not even close to the Eastern Europe cold!

  4. Michelle, I, on the contrary, can relate to your situation (being warm and swimming and biking outside) very well:) What kind of industries do you have overthere, I should move there.

    AM, you are right, East coast cold is nowhere as cold as Eastern Europe cold. But it is interesting because even if temperatures are the same Europe feels colder, it had probably something to do with humidity or I do not know what. Until I went to the US it has not even occured to me to use a treadmill, we were always out no matter what. But that might be because of lack of treadmill opportunities over here:)