Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I have been up to

Not too much, work, training, sleep, eat (actually, not that much eating because I do not have a lot of time for that).

Few highlights:
- PT said that I can try running next week if I want to. Hm, I am tempted. We shall see...
- swimming is killing me. My arms are tired. But that's good! Although I wish my legs were tired as well. From running:(
- I had my first alcoholic drink in over 10 years. I do not drink alcohol. Never. I do not like the taste. But yesterday I went to the club meeting (we had it at Hanson's (you know, Desi Davila runs there) and there were some of their runners and one of the head coaches and they talked about their program etc) and then we went to the bar and a friend bought me something called Rum Runner. I tried his beer first but it was disgusting. So they bought me a girly drink. I think that it was rum with pineapple juice. I did not taste alcohol at all and it was tasty. But I think that it such a waste of money, there is no difference between that and water with pineapple juice. Of course, if I drank 10 of those then I would probably feel the difference.
- I have order powermeter today. Competitive cyclist has a good deal on Pro+ with wheel and a friend told me that he will give me his PowerTap CPU so I do not have to spend money on that or compatible Garmin, so it is a very good deal. I am glad that I am friend with this guy. It is the same guy who gave me the aerohelmet:) And bought me a drink.

I do not even remember what workouts I did, everything is a blur.
Oh yes, I did moderate effort hill repeats on a bike on Tue and then swim.
I did not do anything yesterday.
And today was easy bike ride, just 1h because I have a race on Fr. More about that tomorrow. And then I did swim test! Scary!!!!
Main set was 4x300 w/ 30sec rest. I think that I did pretty good. 4:34, 4:37, 4:34, 4:36. Although I wish all of them were sub-4:35. At first I wanted to start at 4:40 and then descent but then I told myself that no, that it is like imposing limits so I decided to just go and see whether I die before the last one or not. I did not. Although it was hard. My poor arms.
I tried to keep nice form, feet up, no crossing centerline, high elbow, head down. I think that I did a good job although my feet definitelly started to sink as I was getting tired. But I will get there with training.
And my turns are beyond pathetic. I need to do something about that. I am sure that I am loosing a lot of time there.

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