Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am trashed

OK, I was yesterday. That race totally killed me. I spend the whole afternoon yesterday sitting on my butt because I could not move. My legs were actually cramping 5 hours after the race and I took an ice bath, which I NEVER do because it is huge waste of drinkning water.

But then I have slept ofr 10 hours and I am like new again. Well, almost.

I did an elliptical workout. 10min w/up, 4x4min hard with 2min easy rest, 10min c/d. It was harder than last time. I got my HR to 165-175 highest, could not get it higher. I guess that I was still muscularly tired. That's no surprise though.
I do not know how I feel about ITB. It is acting very weirdly! I will probably give it another week. Although I have a race to run in 3 weeks. Or at least I am signed up for it:(
And my Achilles or something in that area started to act up. I think that it started on Friday already though but I did not pay attention to it. I do not know whether it is fins or elliptical and then that race yesterday probably irritated it even more. So I am icing it.

Then did a swim workout. Looooong swim, 3100 meters. That's a lot. For me. With some steady long intervals and I think that I am getting better at those! Woo-hoo.

Ok, I am going to bed now. I am tired.


  1. Well, congrats on that awesome race! You = bada$$! So, I really think you should get a coach (or you have one???) and start really training. You are so young and talented and you could go pro someday...

  2. Thanks! It is always awesome to hear something like that from YOU!

    I do have a coach. Actually two coaches:) Michelle Simmons for swim/bike since last December and PPC for running.
    I would be totally lost without them because I really have no idea what I'm doing:) I think that I'm still a 1500m runner in my heart and I'm too impatient to try to figure all that long distances training stuff on my own, it would take me years.