Friday, September 2, 2011

Comprehensive list of no-no things

- run on hard surfaces (road, ice...)
- run downhill
- run tight corners
- wear heels
- wear flip-flops
- run slowly for 5+miles
- run barefoot

I am slowly adding no-no things to my list. Live and learn. But I would rather learn from other people mistakes.

I am taking several days off running because ITB is a mess again. It was ok during the day but it does not feel hot now in the evening.
Then I will start with track workouts again and keep my mileage low.

I have had enough!!! No matter how much it cost, no matter how much time it takes, I am going to see a doctor. It cannot go on like this! It is ridiculous!

Ok, maybe not no matter how much it costs because well, I do not have money for that. But I am doing a thorough research to find out whether my insurance will cover it (although I doubt it since I do not have a regular insurance). But I will try.
And then find a physical therapist in a 3mile diameter from my place!

I wanted to do a tri on Sept 18th but as of now it does not seem that it will happen. We will see when it gets closer.

On training news, I swam today and my arms hurt. Among other things I did 800 yards with paddles, ouch.

I just signed up for a criterium bike race on Monday. It is only 35min + 2 laps, so nothing too bad. I have never done a real bike race. Michigan mountain mayhem was a bike race but it was very casual. This is hard core(ish). I am probably going to crash and die. But I was told that it is a lot of fun and it might be a good way to earn some cash (assuming nobody else shows up or that I do not crash and die). And it is basically in my backyard. And I have nothing better to do on Monday anyway, except for a swim workout in the morning and then this race is at 2pm. I am actually looking forward to it.


  1. I really hope you can go see a doctor :( Get better soon!

  2. Oh cool! Crits are fun! Sit in until it's time to sprint. :)

    I suggest a physical therapist (if you can find a good one) or an acupuncturist (if you can find a good one) or an ART practitioner (if you can find a good one). An actual doctor probably won't do crap for you but will refer you to one of the above. ;)