Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am frozen. It was below 50 on my way to my 6am PT session this morning and then I got a flat and my fingers totally froze and not I am trying to thaw myself. Not working. Maybe I will make myself a tea.

I have been very lazy lately because my sister lets me use her Netflix account so I can watch movies and stuff online. Cool. I have gone through all episodes of The Addams Family and now I am going through That 70s Show (although I have seen that one like zillion times already). So basically, that’s how I spend my free time these days.

On Tuesday, I had bike workout and I honestly think that running shorts are much better for cycling than cycling shorts. I do not really care about padding, I think that the fabric of “point of contact spots” is more important. I do not know how to explain this so it makes sense but fabric inside of my cycling and tri shorts does not have a smooth surface (you know, that padding area) and thus it rubs and creates little sores. Whereas fabric of running short is smooth spandex-type so it does not rub.
I also did a swim workout on Tuesday and it was kind of hard but not too too bad. Reasonably hard. Once again, I have learnt that even for sprints a good form is more important than milling your arms around as fast as you can.

I had my PT evaluation session on Wednesday. They do not have any fancy treadmill laser stuff so the measurements and alignment checks were done by touching me but I was told that there is no huge misalignment in anything. My right hip is little higher than the left one, thus causing a small leg length discrepancy but it is almost unnoticeable thus that’s probably not a cause.
But my right hip stabilizers are weaker than the left ones and my left hamstring, ITB and quads are much tighter than the right one and all this is probably the cause because as I land on my right foot I do not stabilize my leg and roll the knee inward thus putting a lot of extra strain on it.
We will be working on getting the hips in alignment and on getting rid of those muscle imbalances.

So, if that is really a cause than it should be easy to fix. I hope it is a true cause! And once the current irritation is treated and the misbalances are fixed I need to continue being diligent about keeping it in check.
PT told me to not run until we get rid of the imbalance at least a little bit. Hm, ok. But the thing is that ITB feel decent. Well, it felt decent until he did ultrasound treatment on it. The pressure put on the ITB did not do it any good. Today I told him I did not want the ultrasound so he did some massage of the area. I will see how it feels.

Yesterday was the test of my dedication. I had to do the swim. Pool opens around 8pm for lap swimming and it started raining on my way from work and did not stop for the whole evening. So it was dark, cold and raining and I had to go to the pool. But surprisingly I never thought about not going. I only thought about how miserable my ride there and back would be in dark, cold and rain. Blah. I put my poncho on and off I went. I was still miserable of course.
But 1:05, 1:05, 1:05, 1:05…, I need to keep reminding myself of that when someday I lose my motivation. Because I know that that day will come soon if weather continues being this crappy. Summer is over, winter is coming thus I am sure that it will only get worse:(


  1. Glad you are getting some help for the ITB. So frustrating. Ultrasound does not work better than placebo in controlled studies, so you are not missing much there:) It is OK to be lazy sometimes, though I have a hard time picturing your being lazy!

  2. I can't believe winter is coming for you guys already. :(((( Stay good friends with that guy who has the computrainer.

  3. AM, you are not the first person who told me that they cannot imagine me being lazy:) But believe me, I could stay sitting on coach and watch TV for days. I think. I am sure I can do that if I wanted to (and if I had a couch and TV), but usually I do not want to:)

    I hope that this weather is just a bad joke and that we have at least couple more nice weeks. Unfortunately that guy lives 20 miles from me so not that easy to get there:( Unless I babysit his kids at his house.